Never Trust a Skinny Brewer

“28 Years ago...”

Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch founded the original Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant at 640 Emerson Palo Alto. In 1998, our fine California legislature declared that ownership of a bottling brewery and restaurants would no longer be legal and the business was sold to a group in Tennessee. In the classic California governmental decision making process, the California legislature decided to reverse the law and declared in 2016 that it was okay for brewers like Dan to once again own and operate brewery restaurants.

Dan quickly called his friend, and Palo Alto Uber restaurateur Steve Sinchek, to partner up to aquire the original Gordon Biersch location. Steve said yes, but under the condition he could constantly antagonize his good friend Dan by naming the place Dan Gordon’s aka DG’s. Dan kept coming up with less provocative and egotistical names but Steve held firm. Hence the creation of DG’s. (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A SORORITY OR CAR DEALERSHIP GROUP)

DG’s combines the two greatest food groups know to man, BBQ and Beer. Throw in an array of hard to find WHISKEY’S and some local Wines and you achieve a state of incredible satisfaction. Dan’s brewing in accordance with Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law of 1516) is an underlying philosophy applied to our farm to table menu. Dan Gordon’s partnered up with the finest local suppliers: Mary’s Chicken, Mindful Meats, Bassian Farms, Dirty Girl Farms, Happy Boy Farms to mention just a few. These great ingredients and our 750 lb. oak fired smoker present a flavor experience unmatched in the region.

  • Just great Friday-style place: amazing beer (my favorite one is Chech style Pilsner - give me one more please), awesome food (love all of them from party menu, meat platter is definitely 5 stars meal), friendly staff, fast service. And again - great atmosphere, truly Friday!

    - Ruslan A.

  • Everything was good but the biscuit & chicken was BOMB!!!!

    - Julie L.

  • Food: Don't waste your stomach space on a salad here. Do it right and order anything from the BBQ menu, especially the pulled pork and brisket. As far as sides go, mac and cheese is rich and the cauliflower is the dark horse.

    - Rachel K.

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